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What do Shair’s hookah filters do?

Everyone has heard the many stories out there about hookahs and health. Everyone feels that these stories are often wrong.

Dutch company RMC Trading BV wanted to put an end to all those ‘fairy tales’. Therefore, they launched a truly honest and reliable filter for the hookah on the market. A filter for your hookah that really does what it says on the label. For two years, RMC invested heavily in scientific research at leading German, Dutch and British laboratories.

The result: Shair’s revolutionary hookah filters are now on the market! Scientists and experienced hookah smokers alike are amazed by the positive features.

Huge discoloration after the test

Pictured above is a photo taken after the test after several smoking sessions. In the first bottle (left) clear grains are going into a filter (the casing) for the very first time.

In the second bottle, you can see that the grains are almost black, after smoking forty cigarettes.

The third bottle shows what is left after one session of hookah smoking. The dark color is from the tar and various other chemicals you obviously don’t want in your lungs.

We are intentionally showing you this picture. Pictures often say more than words.
With a Shair hookah filter you will never see a discoloration as in the picture.

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The Shair filter blocks out many dangerous substances

As we all know, it has been scientifically proven that there are more dangerous substances (in numbers and quantities) present in hookah smoke than in cigarette smoke.

The Shair filter partially removes the carbon monoxide that is emitted by the coals and other hazardous substances. While you can continue to experience the pleasure and comfort of smoking. What makes the filter special is that it blocks up to 80% of tar. That is about ten times more than any other shisha filter, while the price is comparable!

As such, the Shair filter is the only one of its kind that can scientifically demonstrate how well it works. Test reports from labs on Shair filters, a WHO study and facts on health issues related to water pipe smoking can be found on the about page.

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