Do Hookah anti-tar filters filter nicotine?

Shisha or hoohah smoking are still popular worldwide. Fortunately, nowadays people also recognize that there are many advantages to using a quality anti-tar filter. Hookah’s anti-tar filters make smoking water pipes less harmful to health. Up to 80% of the tar and several other toxins are filtered out. But do Hookah filters also filter out nicotine?

Can you reduce your nicotine intake with Hookah anti-tar filters?

We can be very clear: no, the anti-tar filters do not filter out nicotine from water pipe tobacco. The intake of nicotine is not reduced, this is simply impossible. Nicotine is the main ingredient in tobacco. It is in fact the substance that makes smoking a water pipe addictive. Without nicotine in (water pipe) tobacco, no one would smoke. Hookah anti-tar filters may not filter nicotine, but they do make smoking a water pipe less harmful to your health.

What does a Hookah anti-tarfilter filter?

Unfortunately, no anti-tar filter actually filters nicotine from water pipe tobacco. Neither do our Hookah filters. Fortunately, our anti-tar filter does ensure that many other toxins are partially filtered out, making smoking less harmful to your health.

  • A Shair Hookah anti-tar filter

    • Reduces tar intake by up to 80%
    • Filters out most of the carbon monoxide after it is released when burning coal on tobacco
    • Can be used for 2-4 hours with a water pipe or is suitable for up to 40 cigarettes
    • Reduces headaches and respiratory irritation
    • Does not affect the taste or the smoke: the enjoyment is preserved
    • Is suitable for all mouth pieces with a Hookah filter adapter

    The Hookah anti-tar filters are the only ones scientifically tested and they do what they promise.

    ► See the official test reports.

Reducing nicotine intake?

If you want to reduce your nicotine intake, an anti-tar filter is not the right tool for you, unfortunately. To reduce your nicotine intake, the only thing to do is to smoke less or not at all.

Can you not make that happen? Then at least make smoking a water pipe (or cigarettes) less harmful by using a Hookah anti-tar filter.