How to use a Hookah Filter?

Did you ever think, while enjoying and smoking a shisha:

‘It would be nice if it was a little less harmful…. Is there no way to remove the tar and harmful substances and enjoy a pure shisha?’

Yes, that is exactly what we thought!

And that is why we came up with a solution to create hookah filters and  we introduced them to the market immediately. And we are not just talking about shisha filters. No, our filters are scientifically tested and have proven to eliminate carbon monoxide, toxic-harmful substances and even 80% of tar.

This alone makes a big difference in enjoying the shisha even more, knowing that it is less harmful to your health. Would you also like to use our revolutionary water pipe filters?

filter on pipe

Everything You Need to Know About Shisha Filters

Wondering how to use a hookah or how does a hookah work? Well, although the concept of shisha feels quite exotic, only a few people know how to use shisha. Need more information? We are here to guide you with everything from the basics to shisha filter tips.

How Does a Hookah Work?

Before you understand how a hookah works, it’s crucial to understand how this iconic device functions. Typically, a hookah consists of several components:

  • A bowl to hold the shisha
  • A water base
  • A hose, and
  • A stem equipped with a purge valve

If you have doubts about how to use a hookah, you can start by placing your preferred shisha flavor into the bowl atop the hookah. As you inhale through the hose, the air is drawn down through the stem, and the shisha is heated to exude a flavorful smoke. Then, the smoke travels through the water, where it is cooled and purified before you take a puff.

How to Use a Hookah?

Well, if you are unsure about how to use Shisha, you can start by assembling all the components and ensuring they are clean and intact. Fill the base with water, and make sure the stem is submerged approximately an inch. Gently sprinkle your preferred shisha flavor into the bowl, and make sure it isn’t packed too tightly or loosely. Lighting the coals, and use natural elements like coconut coals, and when everything is in place, take a slow, steady draw from the hose, allowing the smoke to flow through the hookah and into your lungs.

What are hookah filters and why would you use them?

Shisha filters are separate pieces that can be attached to any water pipe. Using these filter pieces, the intake of tar is greatly reduced, without affecting the enjoyment of a shisha. The taste and nicotine remain present and will continue to give you that ‘shisha feeling’. But there is more, which is why here are some shisha filter tips:

  • The filters can be used for 2 to 4 hours of smoking a hookah
  • They are hygienic and practical to use
  • Each filter is individually packed
  • You can now order the filters in quantities of 40 pieces in a luxury box, but also in larger quantities (wholesale)
  • They are available in the colors red and gold, and you can get them in a pack of 20
  • The effectiveness of the filters has been scientifically proven by several recognized laboratories. See the laboratory reports
  • They also filter out carbon monoxide and harmful substances
  • And of course they remove up to 80% of tar

How to use the hookah filters?

What makes these revolutionary shisha filters from Shair so great is that the filter can be used multifunctionally in different situations. What is revolutionary, is that for every situation there are connections for our water pipe filters.

There are 3 ways to use the filters:

  1. Attach the filter to the water pipe bowl
    The filter can be placed between the bowl and the hose. This gives you the advantage of using different types of disposable mouthpieces that fit your own shisha hose.
  2. Use the filter as a mouthpiece
    Another way to use the filter is by placing the specifically created hookah filter at the end of the hose is another way to use this filter. Just like any other mouthpiece, you can easily attach it to the end of the water hose (tube) and use it while smoking. The main difference between a normal mouthpiece and the filter nozzle is that with our filter nozzle, the tar, carbon monoxide and even more harmful substances are removed. And of course as an added benefit, the filter nozzle can just be thrown away after use.
  3. Using an adapter
    Not every mouthpiece fits the shair filter. Thanks to our hookah adapters, this is now possible. With the help of these adapters you can easily attach any mouthpiece. The adapters fit on every mouthpiece and are easy to use.
slang filter

With our Hookah adapter, the filter always fits the mouthpiece

hookah mouthpiece with filter

You can now order the filters in the quantities listed on the site. We even have a gift for you! For every order, you will receive 5 adapters as a gift!

So we are sure you can enjoy your new, healthier shisha experience straight away!

Are you going to enjoy your next shisha experience with a hookah filter from Shair?

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By RMC Trading B.V. | Filter Technology


Reduces the hazards of smoking


Eliminates up to 80% tar


Designed for waterpipe consumption and sigarettes


Two till four hours of waterpipe consumption / 40 cigarettes


No perceptible change in taste or experience


Developed, designed, tested and manufactured

  • Eliminates up to 80% tar
  • Considerably reduces the hazards of smoking tobacco
  • Suitable for 2-4 hours water pipe
  • Suitable for 40 cigarettes
  • Does not influence the taste or the pleasure while smoking
  • Made in Holland