Hookah Mouthpiece: Quality Disposable Hookah Filters

Smoking a hookah is a social activity with a long and rich tradition.

Sharing a hookah is a great way of spending time together with family, friends or guests.

Of course you prefer to do this in a safe and hygienic way – that is why you can order separate and disposable hookah mouthpieces from our webshop.

This way, everyone has their own personal hookah mouthpiece.

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Revolutionary Hookah Filters by Shair

It is often thought that smoking shisha is a healthier and better option to smoking cigarettes or cigars. However, this is not entirely the case. Shisha contains various harmful components – in many cases even more so than in cigarette or cigar smoke. In recent years, the WHO has increasingly warned us about the risks. A good hookah filter is not an unnecessary luxury – our revolutionary Shair hookah filters significantly reduce the risk of smoking, while retaining the taste and enjoyment.

How to apply the Shair-Filter?

hookah filter shair waterpipe


Filter used as an attachment between bowl and waterhose

hookah tar filter


Filter used as a mouthpiece attached to the waterhose

hookah adapter


If needed a filter adapter can be used to fit all mouthpieces


hookah tar filter

The hookah mouthpieces from Shair are not only hygienic and practical, they also double as a very effective filter! Even though Shisha has the reputation of being a better option than regular tobacco, recent studies have shown that smoking Shisha entails all kinds of toxins. By using our hookah hose mouthpieces, you can reduce the intake of tar and other harmful substances by up to 80% – while the taste remains unchanged.


Hookah hose adapter on hookah bong

Of course you can also attach the filter between the bowl and the hose. This way you can use your own preferred mouthpiece and still have the benefit of the effective filter

Reusable hookah filters

When using our filters on your hookah, they generally last between 2 and 4 hours. Furthermore, in our webshop these filters are sold in quantities from 20 filters so that you can look forward to enjoying many hookah sessions in comfort and safety before you have to stock back up. While still fully enjoying the taste of the tobacco, of course.

Shair versatile filters

  • Eliminates up to 80% tar
  • 2-4 hours of hookah
  • Individually packed
  • Colors: Red or Gold
  • Made in holland
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Of course, nothing is more annoying than a hookah disposable mouthpiece that doesn’t exactly fit your bong. But that is a thing of the past thanks to our hookah adapters. This adapter fits all mouthpieces, so our disposable hookah mouthpieces will always fit. So you never have to worry about whether the mouthpieces fit.

Buy your hookah adapters together with your filters

With every order you place with us for your hookah filters (40 pieces) you will recieve 5 adapters for free! So we know for sure you can start enjoying straight away. You can also order a big bag of 50 pieces of adapters.

Why Do You Need a Hookah Mouthpiece with Filter?

If you think enjoying a hookah session is just about the flavors, you are mistaken because the essence of enjoying every puff isn’t just about the quality of the flavors, it’s also about the apparatus or hookah accessories you use. One of those accessories is a hookah mouthpiece with a filter. Wondering why you can’t miss this? Well, we have some information for you!

Hygiene Amplified:

One of the primary reasons for using a hookah mouthpiece with a filter is the maintenance of hygiene standards. It serves as a barrier between the mouth and the hose, preventing the direct transmission of germs, saliva, or any other residues. This barrier not only ensures a cleaner, safer experience for each user but also reduces the risk of germ transmission in social settings where the hookah may be shared among multiple individuals.

Enhanced Flavor Profile:

The integration of a filter within the hookah mouthpiece acts as a refining agent, sieving out impurities and harsh elements from the smoke. This sieving process contributes significantly to a smoother, more refined taste, allowing the full flavor profile of the shisha to be experienced. By filtering out excess particles and residues, the mouthpiece ensures that the flavors are purer and more enjoyable.

Reduced Smoke Inhalation:

Incorporating a filter into the hookah mouthpiece aids in the reduction of harmful substances and unwanted toxins inhaled during a hookah session. It serves as an additional layer of purification, capturing a portion of the harmful elements present in the smoke. While it doesn’t eliminate all toxins, it does mitigate their impact, promoting a slightly healthier experience for the smoker.

Longevity of Equipment:

By using a hookah mouthpiece with a filter, hookah enthusiasts inadvertently contribute to the longevity of their equipment. The filter acts as a shield, preventing the accumulation of residue within the hose and the broader hookah setup. This reduced residue buildup translates to less frequent cleaning and maintenance requirements, thus prolonging the lifespan of the entire apparatus.

Temperature Regulation:

A mouthpiece for hookah with a filter also aids in temperature regulation during smoking sessions. The filter helps to cool down the smoke by trapping some of the heat generated in the bowl. This cooling effect ensures that the smoke reaching the user’s mouth is at a more comfortable and enjoyable temperature, preventing any unpleasant sensations or discomfort.

Customization and Personalization:

Some mouthpieces for hookah with filters offer customization options. Users can choose different types of filters or mouthpiece materials to suit their preferences. Whether it’s a specific type of filter for enhanced purification or a mouthpiece made from a particular material for comfort, these options allow users to tailor their hookah experience to their liking.

Improved Draw and Airflow:

The inclusion of a filter within the mouthpiece for hookah can optimize the draw and airflow during smoking sessions. It acts as a buffer, ensuring a smoother pull by regulating the flow of smoke through the hose. This optimized airflow not only enhances the overall smoking experience but also makes it easier for users to control and manage the smoke density.

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Want to know more about our Hookah filters and adapters?

Both our hookah hose adapters and our hookah filters are produced in Holland. To ensure that you receive the best product, all our products have been extensively tested. Do you have a question about one of our products? Please feel free to contact us.

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