Placing Your Filters Right for Those Magical Puffs – A Guide

Have you ever, while drawing those flavourful puffs, thought if there were ways to make every session better? Well, you are not alone. Thousands of hookah enthusiasts are always on the lookout for ways to kick their smoking experience up a notch. This curiosity has resulted in newer and innovative hookah accessories hitting the market, all dedicated to making your life easier and your smoking experience a little better. One such innovative gem that has caused ripples in the aromatic realm of shisha is water pipe filters.

These handy little gizmos might look small yet the role they play in elevating your experience is mighty. The best part? There are a range of ways you can place them to enhance your session. Continue reading to know how.

Between Hose And Mouthpiece – Want to enjoy the benefits of filters but have already set up the rest of your hookah? Well, just place your filter in between the hose and the mouthpiece. Putting your filter here helps you filter the harmful tar and toxins as it travels through the pipe, resulting in a smoother inhale. This is the placement you should opt for if you want those clean, dense puffs bereft of the harshness of the tobacco.

Between Bowl And Hose – Here’s a trick to really amp up the filtration process – with the help of a hookah adapter, place your filter between your hookah bowl and your hose. Adding a filter here helps it intercept the smoke even before it manages to make its way to the hose, ensuring additional filtration and purification. This can be a great way for beginners to step into this aromatic realm and revel in the spectrum of flavours without choking on the bitter taste of tobacco.

Use It As A Mouthpiece – You can also skip the entire process of adding the filter in between the different components of the hookah set and use your water pipe filtersdirectly as a mouthpiece. Attaching it is a pretty straightforward process – you fix it like you would any other mouthpiece, making it the most convenient way of using a filter. The primary difference between a standard mouthpiece and a filter is that the tar and the toxins are eliminated with the filter nozzle.

The Benefits Of Using Disposable Filters

Cleaning a filter properly can be an exhausting process. The grime and tar of the hookah settle down in the nooks and crevices of the filter, making getting it out a time-consuming process. Not cleaning it properly results in inadequate filtration, making the filter redundant. Also, let’s be honest, no one likes scrubbing for an eternity after a satisfying session of hookah. Disposable filters eliminate the entire process, making smoking a hassle-free experience.

To Wrap It Up

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