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Explore The Future Of Shisha Smoking & What It Means For You

 Traditionally and nowadays, shisha smoking has been and is a very social custom, often practiced in cafés, restaurants or at home with family, friends and guests. One of the most widely spread myths about shisha smoking is that it is a healthier way of smoking compared to cigarettes and cigars. Regular shisha use can lead to health problems such as a higher risk of various cancers and other diseases.

The History of Shisha

The cool culture of shisha pipes and the best shisha flavors as we know them now have traversed back from time immemorial. The history of shisha, dating back centuries, traces its roots to India in the 16th century. Initially, it was a luxury for nobles, evolving from a rudimentary apparatus to the ornate, flavored hookahs we recognize today. Its popularity spread through the Middle East, Persia, and the Ottoman Empire, each region adding cultural nuances to the practice. By the 19th century, it became a social activity, fostering discussions and relaxation in coffeehouses. Modernization and globalization led to its integration into diverse cultures worldwide. Now, we can get the best hookah shisha in cafes or pubs, but previously, people used to have shisha in their homes as a symbol of communal bonding and relaxation.

Research from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that there are more hazardous components (in both number and amounts) present in shisha smoke than in cigarette/cigar smoke. Hazardous components such as carbon monoxide, tar and the amounts of heavy metals, like lead and chromium.

Why Do You Need Shisha Filters?

Most people think shisha pipes do the most of the work in the hookah and as a matter of fact, shisha pipes have their function. However, when you decide to go for the best shisha brand, or you search for the best hookah shisha, hookah filters should definitely top the list. Why? Well, there are several reasons why you should search for hookah filters in shisha online shops. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Reduced Harmful Chemicals: Filters from the best shisha online shops are believed to trap some harmful chemicals and impurities present in shisha smoke. They can absorb certain toxins and substances, potentially reducing the intake of harmful components that reach the smoker’s lungs.
  • Improved Taste and Smell: Filters from the best shisha brands can also enhance the flavor and aroma of the smoke by removing some of the unpleasant aftertastes or odors. You can get the best shisha flavors, but as long as you don’t have a smooth filter, the flavors won’t hit you right.
  • Moisture and Cooling: Some filters from the best shisha brands are designed to absorb excess moisture from the smoke, leading to a smoother and cooler inhalation. This cooling effect may reduce throat irritation or discomfort commonly associated with smoking shisha.
  • Potential Health Benefits: While research on the health benefits of shisha filters is ongoing, proponents suggest that they might mitigate certain health risks associated with shisha smoking. When you buy shisha online, ensure you buy hookah filters because they can reduce the risk of harmful elements in hookah and make your smoking sessions safer.
  • Personal Preference: Filters can cater to individual preferences in smoking experiences. Some users might find that filters provide a cleaner and more enjoyable session as these filters can ehnace the best shisha flavors.

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RMC Trading B.V. has introduced a revolutionary new product called ‘Shair-Filters’, developed and tested to eliminate as many hazardous components as possible. It also removes some of the toxins that are released from burning the charcoal, while at the same time maintaining the pleasure of smoking. After successful tests by multiple laboratories such as Cobra Technologies B.V. and ASL Analytic Service laboratory GmbH, the Shair-Filters have been proven to eliminate up to 80% of the tar (depending on the tobacco type).


  • Eliminates up to 80% tar, depending on the tobacco type.
  • Suitable for 2-4 hours of hookah
  • Suitable for 40 cigarettes
  • Considerably reduces the hazards of smoking tobacco
  • Does not influence the taste or pleasure while smoking
  • Made in Holland