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Things to Look for While Purchasing a High-Quality Hookah Filter in France

A hookah session is more than just a smoke break. It's a social…

Elevate Your Hookah Experience with Shisha Filter Tips in Mexico

Are you a beginner and wondering how to smoke shisha? Then knowing…
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Most frequently asked questions about hookah filters

Read here about the most frequently asked questions about hookah filters. Questions and answers about the filters

Do Hookah anti-tar filters filter out nicotine?

Anti-tar filters for hookahs reduce the intake of tar and other toxins. But do the anti-tar filters also filter nicotine?
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How to use Hookah Filters

This video explains the different ways the SHAIR HOOKAH FILTER can be used.
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High Quality Cigarette Tar Filters

Using a high quality cigarette tar filter makes smoking cigarettes less harmful, because this filters large amounts of tar and other toxic substances out of the cigarette.
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Some Trivia on the Hookah

Hookahs embody the union of all elements: Earth in the shisha, Water in the base, Fire in the coal, Air in the smoke, and love in the company when you enjoy a hookah together