Best Hookah Flavours of 2024 and Making the Best of Them

Are you a hookah lounge owner or an enthusiast? Either way, you might have embarked on a journey to seek out the top hookah flavours, unaware that two problems await you. One, which flavour to choose from the plethora of options, and two, how to find accessories that ensure you make the best of it. Whether you’re looking to have the time of your life, or trying to ensure your customers have one, you’re at the right place, as today, we list down the top wholesale shisha options and premium accessories you should invest in, to make the most out of them. 

Top Shisha Flavours of 2024 

  • Al Fakher Mint – A classic mint flavour, this is perhaps the most popular blend from the Al Fakher line. Every drag of this timeless blend rejuvenates and refreshes the shisha lovers. Often used as a base to mix with other blends, it is one of the top hookah flavours in wholesale.
  • Al Fakher Two Apples – Another famous blend from the Al Fakher line, this shisha is for those who love a tangy aroma and sweet aftertaste. A twist to the age-old fruity favourite flavour of apples, this is often blended with mint to add a cooling charm to this exotic mixture.
  • Adalya Lady Killer – A tantalising blend of fruits with a dash of minty goodness thrown into the mix, Adalya Lady Killer ensures a sophisticated smoking experience for hookah enthusiasts. Its smooth smoke and delicious aftertaste have resulted in exponential growth in its fans worldwide.
  • Fumari Red Gummi Bear – This hookah flavour is a treat for those who grew up with the fruity deliciousness of gummy bears. Popular for its vibrant flavours and sweet taste, its bold and aromatic smoke takes hookah lovers on a walk down memory lane, making every session cherishable.

Innovative Add-ons For Your Favourite Blends.

Yes, you purchased top hookah flavours wholesale and are ready to embark on your aromatic journey. While these enticing flavours do a great job on their own, accessories can elevate your smoking experience to greater heights. Considering the necessity and increased prices? Well, there are plenty of top manufacturers of hookah accessories that will sell you premium products at unbelievable prices. The necessity? Here it is.

  • Safety – You might think that hookahs are safer than cigars or cigarettes, with the water holding back the impurities. Well, research suggests that isn’t the case. In fact, hookah smoking releases more toxins into your bloodstream than cigarettes. So, do you have to quit this flavourful journey? Nope. With innovative hookah filters that hold back 80% of the tar, the damage incurred gets mitigated considerably. Plus, it also curbs issues like throat irritation, making your hookah session fun.
  • Enhanced Flavours – While these flavourful blends have incredible flavours, the nuanced notes get lost amidst the harsh taste of tobacco. Filters hold back most of the harshness, leaving behind nothing but aromatic puffs. You might also end up losing significant portions of flavour from smoke leaking out due to loose-fitting hookah parts. An adapter can help you out in this regard.

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