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In addition to water pipes, you can get all kinds of attachments and accessories in stores or online shops. Below we will help you out a bit, because so much is available.

We will give you tips on how to buy the right water pipe filters, what to look out for with the mouthpiece. So check out our reliable information below!

First, some practical tips on shisha filter buying:

  • Don’t be tempted by a fancy design or color
  • Pay attention to ease of use: is the filter easy to insert?
  • Does the filter have good suction and pulling power?
  • Pay attention to how often a filter for water pipe is useable; what is the rate of soiling, when does the filter close up?
  • Make sure they do what they say. In fact, many brands have unreliable information on the label. Below we go into this in detail.

The effectiveness of the Shair filter

Unfortunately, many stores and online shops tell “fairy tales” about hookah filter for water pipe. For example, they say that smoking shisha is healthier than smoking cigarettes, while it has been scientifically proven that more dangerous constituents (in number and quantities) are present in water pipe smoke than in cigarette smoke.

For this reason, the Dutch company RMC Trading BV decided to put water pipe filters on the market that really do what they promise.

For this purpose, RMC Trading cooperated for two years with scientists from Cobra Technologies BV and ASL Analytic Service Laboratory GmbH. Both recognized and independent laboratories managed to develop the Shair filter together with RMC Trading.

These water pipe filters partially removes the carbon monoxide and other toxins released by burning coals, while at the same time maintaining the pleasure of smoking. This mouthpiece can block out as much as 80% of the tar. That is ten times more than any other water pipe filters!

The top Dutch quality product the Shair filter for water pipe is the only one of its kind that can fully and transparently demonstrate scientifically how well it works. The scientific test reports on the Shair filter, a WHO study and facts on health issues related to hookah smoking can be found here.

Why Do You Need a Hookah Water Pipe?

In case you are wondering why you need a hookah water pipe, here’s a logical explanation.

  • Filtration: Picture this: as you draw in from the mouthpiece, the smoke swirls down into the water-filled base. That water isn’t just there for looks—it’s the unsung hero! It filters out some impurities, giving you a smoother, cleaner inhale, and hookah water pipes help in the smooth circulation of this smoke.
  • Smoke Cooling: Ever noticed how the smoke from a hookah feels gentle and cool? Thanks to the hookah water pipe doing its magic. As the smoke bubbles through, it loses some heat, making it less harsh on your throat and delivering a delightful, chilled-out vibe.
  • Flavor Enhancement: Imagine adding a twist of lemon to your water—except in this case, the water can subtly tweak the taste of your smoke. Some aficionados even put fruit slices or essences in the water for a flavorful kick. You can do it too and the hookah water pipe will bring all the notes of flavors in every puff.
  • Multiple Hose Option: Sharing is caring, right? Hookahs often have multiple hoses, so you and your pals can all partake at once with multiple hookah pipes. It’s like a communal smoke session, fostering connections and conversations.
  • Regulation of Smoke Density: The stem length and water level play a sneaky role in your smoking experience. Adjusting these with the right hookah pipes and filters can tweak the density of the smoke, letting you fine-tune your perfect puff.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Have you seen some of these hookahs? They’re like works of art! From traditional designs to modern marvels, they are not just smoking devices—they are stunning centerpieces and hookah pipes are a beautiful element in it.
  • Cultural and Social Significance: Beyond the mechanics, hookah holds deep cultural meaning, and since time immemorial hookah pipes have been a part of it. In many places, it’s a symbol of hospitality and togetherness. Sharing a hookah session is about bonding, sharing stories, and enjoying each other’s company.

How to Select the Right Hookah Pipe?

  • Consider the size of the hookah smoke pipe. While larger hookah smoke pipes provide cooler smoke and a smoother draw, smaller ones are more portable, so depending on your preferences, choose the one suited to your budget and needs.
  • The material quality matters. Select high-quality materials for the hookah smoke pipe, so it won’t deteriorate in a few sessions and last impeccably in the long run.
  • If possible, you can also get the best hookah pipes in bulk. If you have a single-hose hookah, one pipe might be enough for now, but for multi-hose hookahs, go for the best hookah pipes that are available in wholesale.
  • In addition to the hookah pipe price, also consider the ease of cleaning. Opt for designs that are easy to disassemble and clean because the best hookah pipes shouldn’t take hours to install.

Need more information on hookah pipe prices or looking for the best hookah pipes? Find them at Shair Filters today!

  • What are the other benefits of Shair filters?

    • Depending on one’s usage, this bong filter can be used two to four times
    • This filter for water pipe do not affect taste or suction
    • People do not notice any difference in experience if they were to use no filter
    • When using the Shair filter, people do not have headaches, coughing complaints or irritation in the throat
    • The price is comparable to other providers of shisha filter for water pipe.

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